Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Concerned that the increased seizure activity I was experiencing could be related to the Cavernous Angioma that I had surgery upon earlier in life, I scheduled an MRI to determine if it had grown or there was any other tissues that might be causing the problem. The MRI turned up nothing obvious that might be causing the increased seizure activity. This was frusterating as I was hoping that the test would turn up something "fixable"... a confusing wish... not that I want a brain tumor or strange tissue causing problems in my head, but it would be nice to have something concrete and identifiable that was causing my epilepsy.
The best thing about the whole experience was that I did get to keep the images generated by the MRI... as it turns out, they all go directly to a computer. I politely asked for them and the techs were able to save them to disk for me. I highly recomend this if you have to get one. The images are facinating... plus, you can prove to your friends that you have a brain!!!

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