Sunday, March 13, 2011

Living Well With Epilepsy

Here is a shout out to Living Well With Epilepsy, a new blog by Jessica Kennan Smith. The blog has some great insights into the funding disparities between other conditions and epilepsy. Although just as many people die each year from epilepsy as from some other diseases, epilepsy receives a fraction of the funding of most other common conditions.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Although I haven't posted recently, it is because I haven't had any seizures in over a year! I am so grateful for that!

I did have a recent contact from a new website called Fit2beParents. This website focuses on new parents who suffer from epilepsy. It provides information on how to get through the pregnancy and how to make it through the difficulties of raising a baby while at the same time making sure you are successfully dealing with the difficulties of taking care of oneself or one's spouse. It is very unique in that it gives advice for mothers and fathers. The site is run by two people that have epilepsy and are giving their first-hand advice. I highly recomend it: