Tuesday, February 21, 2006

VNS v. Airport Screening

For the record:
I just got back from a trip to New York City. When I went through the detectors, my VNS Implant (model 102) did not set off the metal detector. I placed my magnet in one of the screening tubs. It went through screening without a hitch. For anyone worried about problems with the device activating detectors, don't. I was also screened with a hand-wand when traveling to NYC. The hand wand, even ran directly across my chest, did not beep. I don't know what they use in those things to detect metal objects, but if it is a magnet, it was not powerfull enough to set off my VNS.


Rusty said...

Glad your trip went OK and the airport screening didn't cause any problems. MOM

Anonymous said...

I deal with law enforcement screeners all the time with the VNS. I've given up trying to explain what it is to them.

"I have a pacemaker-like device that is wired to my brain and is activated by this high-powered magnet."
*Blank stares from the airport screeners...*

"I have a pacemaker, and this is a beeper."
*Light bulb goes off in cops' heads.*