Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Connection of Mankind

I found this interesting poem on the Epilepsy Ontario website. Hope you enjoy.

The Connection of Mankind

By Daniel North

I remember chasing the aura
Being weakened at the limbs
In the fading world that surrounds
Memory is now living on empty whims.

Convulsing violently as the mind suffocates
Into the hand of a neurological reverie
Constantly running around in a field
It seems a lifetime since my mind was clear.

I can not remember half of my life
Where did I get this scar?
Must people run in fear
Just because of a cruel stigma?

I'm so petrified to look at the light
There's panic erupting in my chest
I need to overcome this disorder
As I juncture towards rest.

I've had so many EEG's and scans
What is real or what is a side effect?
We just need to forget the dark ages
And learn for mankind to connect.

Daniel North has more of his poetry online at his website: New Dawn Poetry

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