Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I had a seizure tonight while at my Doctor's office. It had been 8 months since my last one. I was fortunate that Christa was able to catch me before I fell onto the concrete floor - so all I suffered was a slightly banged up elbow and a headache. Christa said that I did not stop breathing this time, so that is a great improvement on seizures past. I credit it to the VNS. While I was there I had them up my current on my VNS... perhaps that will help me go another 8 months with no seizures. :)

My current VNS Settings:
Current: 1.5 mAmps
Frequency: 20 hz
Pulse Width: 130
On Time: 21
Off time: 0.8


Beth said...

It is great that you made it 8 months, but I am so sorry to hear that you had another seizure.

Anonymous said...

What type of seizures do/did you suffer from?

Birdbomb said...

I am glad to see you doing so well with your VNS. Thank you for keeping tabs on us too!

Emeriol said...

Thx Beth! Thx Birdbomb!
Anonymous, I suffer from Tonic-Clonic seizures as well as Simple-Partial seizures.

Anonymous said...

That's actually good in a strange way that you had the seizure in your Doctor's office. Having medical personnel there to witness it and describe it in medical terms will be much more helpful to diagnose and treat it more precisely.
I had one of those "lucky seizures" in the disability office during my interview. That convinced the interviewer!

vegas said...

I am so sorry you had another seizure. Just found your blog recently, your positivity is inspiring and reading through your posts has been really helpful so thank you so much.

Emeriol said...

Vegas, Thx for visiting!

As for "lucky seizures", they can be helpful... but in this case, it was at least my second seizure in the dr. office., so it wasn't so fun. :(

I can definitly see how having one at the disability office would be good. It is hard for people with epilepsy to get unemployment and disability benefits. :(