Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Drugs

I visited Dr. Dean today. She showed Christa and I a detailed analysis of the EEG report. It appears that my brain-wave patters have changed some since the last time I had an EEG. Some noticeable things were that the flashing lights produced some seizure activity in certain HZ ranges (no more Pokemon Videos for me!) I have not had seizure activity during this part of the test before. Another interesting development was that there are some intense sections of Polly-Spike-Waves (bad seizure activity) during certain sleep portions. Doc says that the seizures I am having are related to sleep deprivation caused by my mind not fully entering certain stages of sleep - thereby increasing the Polly-Spike-Wave activity even during awake and sleep.

So... she has recommended that I try adding Depakote ER to my drug regimen and remove Lamictal. I plan to start that this week. It will take several more weeks before I have made the transition. I so hope that this will work!

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Kathy said...

Hope the new meds work - I am sure that at least it feels good that something was found and that she has something to try. Good luck