Monday, November 09, 2009

Vimpat 200 Mg

Today is my first day taking 200 Mg of Vimpat twice a day. I am being especially wary of any of the possible know side effects, such as blurred vision or dizzyness. It has been two hours since my first dose. No sign of issues yet.

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Kathy said...

Hope the lack of side effects continues .. and hope that its reduces your seizure frequency. Looked up some of the trials and it looks like it has modest success.

"In the studies, patients taking Vimpat® at 200mg and 400 mg/day experienced a median percent reduction in seizure frequency per 28 days of 33.3% and 36.8%, respectively, versus only 18.4% reduction in the placebo group. Additionally, 34.1% and 39.7% of patients taking Vimpat® at 200 mg and 400 mg/day, respectively, experienced >50% reduction in seizure frequency vs. only 22.6% in the placebo group"

Of course I hope for more than modest success in your case but any improvement is improvement.