Wednesday, August 16, 2006

1st Support Group Meeting

Last night Christa and I held our first epilepsy support group meeting. We had 5 other people attend, which was great for a first meeting! The group came to the conclusion that our focus should be on education and awareness, and that through these efforts, people that needed support would be able to network with others of us in the group. So, during our monthly meetings, we would split in to groups along the lines of who ever was in attendance... I hope this will work well, we shall see!


Matt Geyer said...

hey, congrats on a good first meeting,
in an unrelated comment,
i started a blog (mostly to advertise lilly's business) and i noticed that when i check in from work , sitemeter reports that the location was from denver colorado.. i guess all my internet is coming from there, at least from work... weird... maybe some sort of proxy server thingy.

Rusty said...

Great about your first meeting. Like the new look of the blog. MOM