Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Symptoms of fear of antique furniture

This is absolutely crazy. If you type in a Google search for symptoms of fear of antique furniture, Living With Epilepsy is the first hit. Crazy....


Christa said...

You're right! That is crazy. But what is MORE crazy is that you took the time to search on those words.... ;0)

Love you!

Matt Geyer said...

I agree with christa..
youre nutz!

anyways i don't get your site, i get
which is almost equally as weird.

yours is number 4.. does google give different results in different areas? or did they do an update?

Emeriol said...

I am not THAT crazy... you can use the sitemeter link at the very bottom of the sidebar to show where all your hits come from. It will also show you what search the person did to find your site.


As for Google, I suppose their hit list changes every time their database is updated.