Monday, June 25, 2007

41 Days - No seizures!

I've now made it 41 days since the last seizure. I'm pretty psyched about it. Now, if I could make it another 41 years...


DogtorJ said...

That's awesome. Have you made any dietary changes that have contributed to your success? Many who go gluten and dairy free show major improvements. My canine patients have experienced phenomenal recoveries with the elimination diet (The GARD) as have the growing number of humans who have applied it.

I hope you continue to do very well,

John (aka "DogtorJ")

Matt Geyer said...

congrats bro!
keep on fightin!

Emeriol said...

Thx, Matt!

John, I haven't changed my diet, but I have worked hard to improve my sleep schedule to ensure I get consistant and quality rest. My EEGs show that I have generalized seizure activity when my brain begins to enter the sleep stages. So if I get tired, I am more succeptable to seizures. :(