Friday, June 08, 2007

Kick it up a notch!

I got my VNS turned up earlier this week. The current has been changed from .75 mAmps to 1.0 mAmps. The rest of the settings have remained unchanged (the are listed on the sidebar) I have definitely noticed a difference in the amount of interference it has on my speech. Due to the placement of the lead, the VNS activates the muscles in my neck as well. Although this does not hurt, it is somewhat bothersome as it causes a number of muscles on the right side of my neck to flex during the activation. Interestingly enough, the muscle activation does not occur with every activation of the VNS. A the moment, it is only happening perhaps 15 times a day.

Also, today marks 4 weeks without any seizures! Whoo hoo!


Kathy said...

Sorry about the odd feelings and trouble with your voice on the new setting. But very glad about 4 weeks without a seizure. Yeah rah!!!

minclem said...

Scott, We met about a year or so ago in Dr. Dean's office. It was a Friday afternoon and my daughter just had her VNS turned up. You gave her a magnet about the size of a dime. I am desperate to get another and hope you have some you might sell me. Someone stole dd's purse (where she stored her magnet)yesterday at rehearsal for the Lewisville production of Seusical the Musical The show opens this weekend and dd prefers this magnet over the others b/c of the slim line features! If you don't have any have you an idea where we might be able to get one locally?

Thanks so very much.

Emeriol said...

I have a few extra magnets. I can give you one if you want to meet us somewhere. We live nearby. Perhaps we can meet tonight or tommmorow.
Contact me via email:

I can also give you the website where you can get more - but that takes a few days for the order to arrive.