Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Judging With Epilepsy

I awoke this morning to the news that John Roberts, Chief Justice of The United States, suffered a seizure yesterday while vacationing at his summer home in Maine. My first thoughts were, "Dude... that really sucks to have a seizure on your vacation." Evidently they dragged the poor chap to the hospital and ran him through a battery of tests that did not indicate any underling medical conditions that might cause a seizure. It was diagnosed as a benign idiopathic seizure - this is doctor speak for: "We have no clue as to what caused it, but it doesn't appear to be life threatening." Further information came out that he had had a seizure about 14 years ago while playing golf.

This is where the fun starts... CNN brings in some commentator that starts blabbering about how Roberts might not be able to do his job now that he had a seizure, and what if he could not make it back to work after his vacation. Not content to just be stupid, the commentators continue their moronic rant, After all, he has had one before and the Chief Justice has a lot more responsibilities that the other justices... maybe he could work from home...

If you ever wondered why people with epilepsy are discriminated against, it is morons like this. They have no idea what they are talking about and turn epilepsy into a condition that would prevent you from doing your job.

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My favorite solution used on many of us is simply NOT: not to hire us, house us, feed us, etc. After all, we might have something contagious, something demonic, something icky... But they never seem afraid that they might be wrong about us.
Paula Apodaca
E. is for Epilepsy by Paula Apodaca