Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Off Topic: Blogger V. Squirrels

I arrived home yesterday to the unmistakable sound of a Squirrel in the wall. Yes, a squirrel stuck in an interior wall of the house - scratching and clawing at the wall in a vain effort to climb the Sheetrock. Why unmistakable? Because the same thing happened last year - one of the neighborhood squirrels managed to make his way into the attic and then, due to an odd architectural feature of the house, managed to slip down one of the gaps into the wall.

So I proceeded to listen carefully against the wall, make a guess as to which section of the wall in which the squirrel was trapped, then cut a hole in the wall. Once the hole was opened, Ryan and I gave fair warning to Christa that she may want to exit the room for a moment while we extracted the vicious beast. After a few minutes of chasing the squirrel around the room, I managed to bag him and then let him out the front door.

I was pleased with the work until I went upstairs to cover the hole and heard a second squirrel scratching away in a different area of the wall. Ug. Same routine as before, except this extraction required two holes as my first guess was wrong. After the beast was released, I covered up the holes and called it a night.

This morning I awoke to the dreaded sound of scratching. One of the little beasts was trapped again... this time in yet another section of wall. I did not have time to get him out this AM, so he is still there. Hopefully I can get him out tonight...


Matt Geyer said...

Youre gonna have a house full of holes pretty soon! Gotta find out how theyre getting in and block em off!

I wonder if its the same squirrel, maybe try spray painting its tail red :)

Emeriol said...

Well, Dad said to just leave them in there this time and he prommised that they would not stink... but if they do, I'm going to have to dig out half-rotten squirrls... lets hope they just dry up.

Kathy said...

They will stink, unless squirrel meat is different from rat meat. Trust me.