Thursday, October 11, 2007

PET Analysis Report

I finally got a copy of the report from my P.E.T. scan. The good Dr.s at WFUBMC provided me with this:

There is evidence of prior right frontal craniotomy. An area of encephalomalacia is identified deep into the craniotomy site. No metabolic activity is identified in the region of the encephalomalacia. The remainder of the brain demonstrates normal and symmetric activity. No addiional areas of hypo or hypermetabolism.
1. Status post right frontal craniotomy with underlying encephalomalacia.
2. Otherwise normal and symetric metabolic activity within the cerebral and cerebellar hemisphers bilaterally.

Wow, so that is a lot of stuff. So I looked up all the funky M.D. words (and provided links for your pleasure) and determined that:
1. I have had brain surgery before and there is scar tissue.
2. My brain does not have any crazy activity with regards to blood flow.
3. Both sides of my brain are functioning in the same way.
4. No tumors detected.
5. I still have idiopathic epilepsy - that is: the M.D.s don't have a clue as to why I am having seizures.


Kathy said...

Wow, you are really good at medicaleze. Damn you are no more ahead than before, except that tumors etc. have been ruled out. I guess that is good.

Emeriol said...

LOL... my ma teached me to read right good. ;)

Nuri said...

And how often do you have seizures?

Emeriol said...

I have not had a seizure in about 2.5 months now. But for a while this year I was having them about 1 per month. In the past I have gone years without one. Kinda depends on the medication levels & my VNS settings.

Nuri said...

It doesn't sound so bad... my husband was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy just nine months ago and I'm finding it hard to get "used" to it. He is not too worried, though... Right now, he's on keppra and has seizures every 1.5 months or so...