Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Intense Gran-Mal Seizure

Scott had another intense gran-mal seizure this morning at approx. 12:45 am. Fortunately he did not fall out of bed or injure himself. This seizure lasted a bit longer than his usual tonic clonic seizures - it lasted a full 5 minutes. During the seizure, Scott let out an excruciating howl as if he were in intense pain. I swiped his VNS magnet several times both during and after the seizure. Nevertheless, Scott did stop breathing after taking several deep, jagged breaths. Swiping the magnet also did not seem to help with the recovery time as it was almost an hour before Scott could speak clearly or answer even the most simple questions. Scott has been resting peacefully since the seizure. I will have to wake him shortly to take his medications and eat breakfast. Please pray that Scott will have a peaceful, seizure-free day.

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turnswitch said...

You are an incredible person for taking such good care of him. I will pray for him. Keep your head up.