Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another Seizure

Scott had another gran-mal, tonic clonic seizure this evening at 6:15 pm - just as I was serving dinner. He banged his neck, back and elbows pretty badly during the seizure. He also stopped breathing even though I swiped his VNS magnet twice. In fact, he turned blue and ended up flat on his back once he stopped seizing. As much as I tried, I could not get Scott turned onto his side to clear his airway. So I called his father who lives down the road and asked him to come and help me. (Thanks Bob!)

It took Scott a fairly long time to recover from this seizure. We're not sure if this lastest round of seizures is due from sleep deprivation (Scott was not able to take a nap until 4:00 pm this afternoon) or if he just needs a bit more Depakote Sprinkle to sustain him until he takes his next dose of medicine. (Both of the seizures Scott has had this week have occurred just before he ate and took his medication.)

Scott is going to stay home tomorrow, and perhaps the rest of this week, to get plenty of rest. He is also going to contact Dr. Dean to see if he should increase his intake of Depakote Sprinkle. I'll post again tomorrow to let everyone know what Dr. Dean says.

Please continue to keep Scott in your thoughts and prayers.

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