Thursday, December 08, 2005

Analysis of Ambulatory E.E.G.

My Dr. called me this evening to give me her analysis of my ambulatory E.E.G. that I had done several weeks ago. She said that it indicated that I have seizure activity in my brain pretty much constanly, but increase in activity during times when I was working on my computer (what luck), doing household chores (dishes & stuff), when I get sleepy or tired, and er... something else ... can't recall (go figure). But the main thing was that this electrical activity is occuring all the time and appears to build up over time, followed by release in a seizure event. The strange thing is that the electrodes do not pick up any activity during those events. My doctor said that this could be that the activity is deeper in the brain and that the signals do not reach the surface.
What does this mean? Well, pretty much, the electrical activity in my brain will continue and "overflow" into seizure events without warning. Unfortunately, the drugs are not fully stopping the seizures when the electrical activity builds up to the point of "overflow".
My doctor has recomended that I undergo surger to implant the Vagus Nerver Stimulation (VNS) device. I have an appointment next week where I will meet the recomended surgen.
I'll keep you up to date as I learn more..

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