Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Consultation with Surgeon

I had a consultation with a surgeon, Dr. William Brown, a Neurosurgeon that was recomended by my Neurologist. Christa and I asked him a lot of questions about his practice and experience. Even under intense scrutiny, he appeared to be quite genuine and competent. We were impressed by his knowledge of the VNS surgery and his description of the processes involved. Having studied the VNS Surgeon's Manual, we were able to ask him pointed and detailed queries regarding the surgery methods and techniques and he answered all of them correctly.

One of the things that most impressed us was that he was in no way "pushing" the product. At the end of the consult he told us, you don't have to make a decision now or schedule anything now. You don't even have to call back, but if you do decide to have the surgery, just call us and we will schedule it. This took off a lot of pressure of having to make a decision then and re-affirmed our assement that he was genuine in his description of the side effects and the effacacy of the device.


Rusty said...

Really great blog site Scott - after you finish with all this you might notify various VNS sites of your blog. It is very well done to date.

Matt Geyer said...

Very nice website, we'll keep checking it!
One other side effect i bet you didn't consider about VNS is the endless cyborg related quotes you'll have to listen to from friends and me. "Part man... Part machine - Robocop"
"He's more machine now than man.. twisted and evil..."

Emeriol said...

LOL! That is insane... at least in most fiction works it is the good-guys that get the cyber implants: Like in Starwars, Robo-Cop, The Matrix, Star-Trek, Neuromancer, Ghost in the Shell, Million Dollar Man, X-Men, The Diamond Age, ...

Most science-fiction authors seem to be pro-cyber... In all the works cited above, the cyber implants always help the protagonist, but never overcome their humanity... for good or evil.