Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Epilepsy Limerics: Tall & Wide

Alright, due to some interesting events, I am wrapping up "Limerick Week" a day early. With these last two poems I made my best attempt at meeting the classical limerick form.

Start by introducing a person or place. Set up an interesting story. Then end the poem with a humorus twist.

This is not an easy when trying to keep on the topic of epilepsy. It involves introducing someone, making something really bad happen to them, then following that up by somehow adding a bit of a surprise and humor. Well, here are my results:

The Tall Man

There once was a man who was tall
But his epilepsy caused him to fall
..Smashes to the noggin
..Gave his body a floggin
Now he’s considered quite small

The Wide Man

There once was a man who was wide
But epilepsy made him fall to his side
..No smash to the face,
..But the hips and the waist
No longer his girth he must hide

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