Monday, July 24, 2006

Vacation to the Beach Cures Epilepsy!

I'm back from the beach... While on vacation, my seizures/day dropped to zero for all but 2 days!

I can only assume that going on vacation cures seizures. Sure, it is not a highly accurate scientific study, but with enough $$$ placed in the right hands it would probably pass the "stringent" US FDA testing standards. Now I just need some clever marketing strategy and a nifty name... how about a little blue sugar pill called Vactium. Take two of these each day while spending most of your day on the beach or sleeping and it will reduce your seizure activities by 50 percent or more!

Enough fun... Seriously, reducing stress in your life can reduce the number of seizures you have. This definitly works for me. When combining low mental stress, a VNS, and a few AEDs, I was able to eliminate them most days. A very good thing. I suspect that getting back to work and "normal" life will increase the number I have... However, maybe I should take up Yoga or some sort of meditation exercises to reduce stress during the week. Anyone know of any good books or websites?

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