Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cross Section of a Nerve Fiber

This is a cross section of a peripheral nerve. The blue arrow is pointing out the individual nerve fibers that look like an eye ball with a pupil in the middle. The red arrows are pointing to the outer dark border of the nerve fibers. This line coresponds to the Neurilemma, or Schwann-Cell Myelin Sheath. The black arrows are pointing to what would be the"pupil of the eye" in our analogy, which is the axon and the axoplasm, which is the cytoplasm of the axon. These are the main features of the Nerve Fiber that can be seen in a cross section.

Blue Arrows - Nerve Fiber

Red arrow - Neurilemma or Schwann-Cell Myelin Sheath.

Black arrow - Axons of Nerve fibers

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