Monday, May 22, 2006

Epilepsy v. Landscaping

This weekend I did not have any seizures! I spent the entire weekend landscaping an area of my front yard. We ripped out about 20 Creeping Juniper and in their place added flowering shrubs, ornimental grasses, and bulbs of various sorts. The results were fantastic. (It was not without cost... I was completely worn out after ripping out the juniper on Saturday. I ended up sleeping 12 hrs, was completely sore, felt like i had been beat, and did not make it to my religious facility of choice the next morning)

Although I normally have fewer seizures on the weekends, this was one of the best. If I were to conduct my statistical research the way the Associated Press does, I could safely report that landscaping your yard reduces seizure activity in the brain.

(this study was of one individual over a two day period)


Rusty said...

What a fine grasp of scientific study you have!!! Good news - I hope it is a trend. MOM

Jesusgreek said...

It is good news!! But lets not start a trend of skipping your religious services slacker!!