Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Blood of a Turtle Dove v. Epilepsy

Sacred Texts

This site lists the oddest remedys I have seen to cure epilepsy. Here are just a sampling of the cures:

Take a turtle dove, cut its throat, and let the person afflicted with epilepsy, drink the blood.

To Cure Epilepsy: Take nine pieces of young elder twig; run a thread of silk of three strands through the pieces, each piece being an inch long. Tie this round the patient's neck next the skin. Should the thread break and the amulet fall, it must be buried deep in the earth and another amulet made like the first, for if once it touches the ground the charm is lost.

To Cure Epilepsy: Take nine pieces of a dead man's skull, grind them to powder, and then mix with a decoction of wall rue. Give the patient a spoonful of this mixture every morning fasting, till the whole potion is swallowed. None must be left, or the dead man would come to look for the pieces of his skull.

To cure epilepsy, a black cock must be buried alive with a lock of the patient's hair and some parings of his nails.

Odd stuff indeed.

You can get all 109 refrences to Epilepsy from the site by clicking on this Link.


Rusty said...

I have a black rooster (cock) if you want to try that last one. Just kidding - his name is Jelly Bean and while we might make stew out of him burying him alive is out of the question! MOM

helen said...

The homeopathic treatment for epilepsy is strychnine, apparently. Still there's so little (approximately none) of the active ingredient in any homeopathic remedy that you'd probably be safe if you wanted to try it...