Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Roller-Coaster v. VNS

Yesterday I road my first rollercoaster since getting my VNS implanted. At Carowinds (a theme park) they have a coaster called Top Gun. It is one of my favorite as the ride has all the "bells & whistles", but is very smooth. You don't get jerked around a lot. So I thought this one would be good to try first.

The harness fit tight over the shoulders, and did not press against the VNS. During the ride, I did not notice any contact with the harness against the device, however, I was moving 60 mph and enduring inverted loops that pressed my body against the seat at 5 times the Earth's gravity. Evidently it did knock the VNS around abit as today the area around the device is a little sore.

My advice: Wait a several months after having surgery before riding a modern steel coaster that uses a chest harness. Examine the harness before riding to make sure it will not press against the VNS. Finally, ask someone to find out how "jerky" the ride is as you don't want the harness to slam or pull on the device.

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