Sunday, September 03, 2006

Links: The Federal Review

Thanks much to The Federal Review for a link to Living With Epilepsy!

Their slogan is: Solving the world,s problems, one beer at a time! If you are interested in politics or are a beer connoisseur, take a look at their website. In addition to discussing world politics, they also discuss great beers. Although the combination is quite unique, perhaps the most stunning combination is their link to arch-enemies Daily Kos and Redstate on the same page! Bold indeed!

One of the contributors, Winston, over at the Federal Review has a son with epilepsy and he and I have been speaking about increasing awareness about epilepsy in North Carolina. I hope to meet him in person in a few weeks to discuss more about this.

Thanks again to the Winston & The Federal Review!


Winston said...

I wouldn't describe myself as a "beer connoisseur", after all, you are as likely to find me with a Miller Lite in hand as a "good" beer!

Emeriol said...

Ah... but Miller Lite has to be the absolute best of the major American beer company's "lite" beers...