Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tribute to Steve Erwin

I love taking photos of wildlife. Today I was watching a Crocodile Hunter marathon on Animal Planet and was inspired by Steve Irwin's face-to-face documentaries with wild creatures. I whipped out my camera and went hunting in my yard for something worthy... I was pleasantly surprised to find this spider hanging out in the bushes. Although it is not as exciting as a Saltwater Crocodile or Indian Cobra, the spider is about 3 inches long. Armed with only my camera, I leaned way into the bushes and got this shot.

Now, in honor of Steve, read the next paragraph in your best Austraian accent:

"I'm creeping into the bushes and find this GREAT spider! Look at the size of it's web - nearly 5 feet in diameter and check out the zig-zag center of the web where the spider waits for unlucky prey! Whoaaa... looks like I have startled her... watch as she shakes the web back in forth to try to scare me off... back up mate!"

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Rusty said...

Oh neat Scott - this is what is commonly known as a Writing Spider, a variety of Golden Orb spider

I was on a hike with a group of people when I noticed one and commented on it. One of the people in the group was Jack. My noticing the spider what caused him to notice me. Thus this is a very special spider to me. Of course they are special all on their own! Nice pic