Thursday, September 14, 2006

Patron Saints of Epilepsy

If there are any Catholics out there looking to find the correct Patron Saint to which to pray about epilepsy in the hopes that they will interceed on your behalf with God, there are many from which you may choose. I got this list from the Catholic-Fourm: Alban of Mainz, Anthony the Abbott, Apollinaris, Balthasar, Bibiana, Catald, Christopher, Cornelius, Dymphna, Genesius, Gerard of Lunel, Giles, Guy of Anderlecht, John Chrysostom, John the Baptist, Valentine, Vitus, Willibrord.

The Catholics have eight-teen Patron Saints for epilepsy... pretty impressive. If you have epilepsy and are not religious, but are considering joining a church, you may want to take a good look at Catholocism. Consider this: Catholics have 18 patron saints of epilepsy. Whereas, if you combine all the patron saints of epilepsy for Lutherans, Baptists, Presberterians, and Methodists, you come up with a big fat Zero. Just something to think about...

Ok. Out of the big selection of saints, possibly the most famous of the bunch (at least to a protestant like myself) is Saint Valentine. Not sure if you want to take up a bunch of his time though. He has enough to do considering that he is the patron saint of Love and Greeting Card Manufactuers.

So if you are looking for a cool dude to which to pray, try out this guy: Saint Christopher, who also happens to be the patron saint of travelers. Interestingly enough, in the Orthodox Church, Saint Christopher is frequently depicted with a dog's head... Anyway, he should have plenty of spare time for people with epilepsy as his other patronages include stuff like: lorry drivers, fruit stand operators, and toothaches...


minclem said...

Enjoyed meeting you and your wife this afternoon at the Epilepsy Institute. My daughter is really excited about the smaller magnet you gave her! She uses duck tape on her old magnets for singing. The size of the magnet with the silver tape is a bit limiting in the wardrobe department!

Anyway -- it was a real pleasure to meet both you and Christa (am I spelling that correctly???). Am now even more excited about your post of the Patron Saints of Epilepsy...We are members of Holy Family in Clemmons!

Continued good health and best wishes.

Matt Geyer said...

hmmm patron saint of toothaches?
sweet.. i'll have to tell lilly.

Emeriol said...

Consider instead the Patron Saint of Dentists: Apollonia
...After her teeth were broken with pincers, she was given the choice of renouncing Christ or being burned alive; she lept onto the fire herself.

Emeriol said...

Nice to meet you as well. I hope your daughter likes the magnet. I ordered some more recently if you would like to purchase extras. Just let me know.

rickey huval said...

Liked your blog, I have been having epilepsy for 35yrs. I was and altar boy and fell off the altar 35yrs ago. Had the vns put in about two yrs helping some. What about you

Scott Geyer said...

+Ricky huval
I Have the VNS, it does help with the recovery time after a seizure... and perhaps reduces the amount. I have still had to change medicines several times even though I have the VDS.

karen dish said...

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