Monday, February 27, 2006

Details of the Magnet

You can get the specs for the magnet from the physicans manual, which can be downloaded from the manual page). To save some time, I'll list them out here:

The magnet needs to provide a minimum of 50 gauss at 1 inch.

The use of other, non-Cyberonics magnets will not harm the VNS Therapy System.

The magnets provided by Cyberonics are bulky & cumbersome to wear. The wristband for the magnet is a nylon weave (similar to a dog collar) with velcro strips to securt the device to one's wrist. To add to the fine design of the magnet, Cyberonics designers added a magenta sticker with their trademark dots.

To demonstrate their pride in their magnet product, the manufactuer proudly displays a picuture of the device on their website.... er... not so much. Unless you dig hard for your images using Google, you won't get a glance at one of these little jems off the internet until you receive your VNS.


Kim M said...

I so think the magnets are would think they could make them look better---or at least give us the option of say---buying a better looking one...I am sick over it--i will try the pager on or carry that one with me. Haven't decided what i wanna do about the dang wrist one. Since i won't be swiping mine OFTEn but still might have the need...and tell Christa thanks for the comments they are truly helpful---if you come up with a solution to the magnet strap let me know--i am gonna figure something out in my crafty ways if it kills me

Emeriol said...

I'm working on a strap solution. As soon as I get it, I'll post! :)