Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Flashing subway lights

Some people have trouble with flashing lights triggering epileptic seizures. My advice: avoid the subway. When I was in NYC, the flashing of the subway as it cruised by the platform tended to make my eyes flicker. I have never had problems with flashing lights causing seizures, but don't really want to push my luck. So after becoming somewhat dizzy at a platform, I spent the remainder of my time in NYC avoiding looking at the trains.

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Christa said...

Yes. Many times while we were in NYC I was afraid that Scott would have a seizure on the subway platform just from watching the subway cars racing by us. (You see, his eyes would quickly move from left to right as the subway cars raced by. You would probably have to have been there and seen his reaction to fully understand but trust me, it was very concerning!) So every time we entered a subway station, I reminded Scott to either look at me or the platform instead of the subway cars. :)