Monday, February 20, 2006

My VNS Experience

My VNS Experince... no!! not mine, a lady named Kim. Evidently, she decided to write about her own experinces with VNS after reading about mine here. Kim had surgery in Februrary 2006, but I won't sum up her experince for you, read it yourself!


Kim M said...

thanks for the plug of my blog--i feel i learned a great deal from reading yours and others...i think there is never too much information out there....and everyone has different experiences..but there is nothing really BAD about knowledge. i would rather know something than be shocked by it....Enjoyed catching up on your blog..i have to look and see what model mine is MMMMM
Kim is OHIO

Rusty said...

Kim, I will echo your thought, knowledge, even if we don't WANT to hear it is better than lack of knowledge. I have been impressed with Scott's web site and will take a look at yours too. Scott's MOM