Friday, April 14, 2006

The 1001st Visitor!

I recently had my 1001st visitor to this website! The visitor was from Clemmons, North Carolina! Not too far from my house! Thanks for stopping by!

I never really thought when starting this site that it would be of too much use, but it seems that some of the articles I put out here are actually helpful. I get a lot of hits on how to remove steri-strips, pictures of an EEG, MRI images of my head, and people looking for information about the side effects of taking Keppra and Lamictal.

To any fine visitors - hope you enjoy the blog.

1 comment:

Matt Geyer said...

congrats bro!
hey you outta check out office live
they have free domain registration right now (
i'm using it to set up lilly's dentistry website and it seems half decent.. especially since its free! (free registration and free hosting, but they make you provide a credit card so that you don't try to register a million websites)
you could have a LWE website...
or whatever.