Monday, March 27, 2006

The Buzz is Back!

I got my VNS turned up on Friday to a current of 1.0 mAmp. I can feel it buzzing quite clearly when it pulses. It is not so bad that I notice it all the time. Just when I am not concentrating on something else. Like the other times when it has been adjusted, I'm sure I will get used to this as well.

I'm still taking my Lamictal and Keppra. Both which keep me pretty wired. Last night I did not take my meds until around 8... I did not get to sleep till nearly 1 am today. This afternoon I took them around 4:30. I am finally feeling sleepy. I'll try to post something of substance tommorow. G'night.

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Kim M said...

Thanks for responding to my blog--i will kep hanging in there..I have the settings downstairs and don't remember what the pulse is dr said i will remain on keppra forever--or something similiar---guess no point in changing if nothing works...praying this does...the gagging has gotten me sick to my tummy today--not fun mostly when i was swallowing while eating and it went off NOT FUN hahha...the support group sounds WAY KEWL!!! wish for something like that here til then i have my blogs and forums which i tend to read more than post at right now..i feel lost....huggles to you both