Sunday, March 19, 2006

MSN loves Living With Epilepsy

Every day I check the number of hits to this website, what part of the world from which the hits originate, and what searches are used. MSN Search site puts this blog in the top 10 list for just about any search that includes the words epilepsy, gran-mal seizures, or VNS. Although this is very flattering, I am concerned that people are not getting the information they desire.

For any of you searching for some detailed information about epilepsy, your first stop should always be the Epilepsy Foundation. Visit there first and if you want some more personal and obsure information about epilepsy and VNS, spend a bunch of time here on Living With Epilepsy.

1 comment:

Rusty said...

I searched Google with all those words, gran-mal seizures vns epilepsy - and you came up #3!!!!