Friday, March 17, 2006

The VNS Experience

I just got back from the Epilepsy Institute. Today was my appointment to go in to have my VNS adjusted. As I just had my VNS implanted in January, I am getting frequent adjustments to the current and frequency of the pulse generator. So today I was going to have the current upped to 1.0 mAmp, but it was causing a strong feeling of constriction in the throat along with a buzzing in the thoat like a large pack of honey bees. Nurse Cindy, in her infinite wisdom, instead suggested that I have the frequency of the pulse increased. She moved it to 30 seconds on every 1 minute 10 seconds. So the buzzing is at a tolerable level. I hardly notice it.

While at the Epilepsy Institute, Christa and I spoke with a few patients and their caretakers. It was nice to be able to compare experiences with them. Christa was able to identify with a mother and grandmother of a young patient and I was able to relate to the experinces of another lady that had a VNS. I gave them the link to my blog. (if any of you are reading this, I enjoyed speaking with you and thanks for visiting.)

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