Friday, March 24, 2006

Google Finance - CYBX

I have been getting a lot of hits from the Google Finance website. Evidently the Google search engine believes that this site is relavant to investors. My thought is that the Google search engine is biased toward it's own blog hosting site: Blogspot.

In any case, If you are here hoping to get the scoop on the VNS device, you may be in luck. I have a ton of posts about the surgery and effacacy of the device... based solely on my own experince. So far, my experince has been fairly positive, and the side-effects are relatively low compared to most AEDs. Being that there are a limited number of Anti-Epileptic Drugs, having one more option is nice.

Regardless of what many patients may think about Cyberonics, I have to give them a lot of credit for investing many millions of dollars in an attempt to help those with elpilepsy, which is a relativly very small market for a medical product.

As for investing, if the VNS works well enough that I can continue working, I'll probably buy some stock.


Phil said...

haha, yeah I also have that crazy thing in my chest. They're not supposed to set off metal detectors are they? It seems like I always have trouble with that, I was just wondering if it might be the stimulator.

I've had epilepsy since birth and I'm still taking meds for both epilepsy and depression.

Phil said...

By the way, here's some links to help you connect with other people who are talking about the stimuator...

Talk Digger
Google News

Emeriol said...

Thanks for the links! As for the VNS setting of detectors, it does not. I went through a detector back in february and not alert. Even when they ran the wand accross my chest, there was no alarm. I have a model 102. The others should not set off alarms either though.

Blogger said...
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