Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Creating Passionate Users: Naked Conversations on a Bus

When starting my Living With Epilepsy blog, my primary intent was to be able to share with my friends, family, and strangers my experince with epilepsy. Updating everyone on my epilepsy was simply taking too much effort and having to repeat it over and over again in a consitant manner was difficult. Epilepsy & the drugs you have to take really mess up your memory, so keeping a consistant report of your health & progress is pretty futile at times. As I have developed the blog further, my aim is to educate as best as I can as many people as possible about epilepsy and how it affects one. Is this a "fools errand"? As a certified skeptic, I am not fully conviced that one can make much of a difference using a blog... but, I do have a few readers and most of them seem to think that blogs can change the world - one reader at a time. Kathy Sierra (a former skeptic) recently posted about her changing thoughts on blogging Creating Passionate Users: Naked Conversations on a Bus. It is a great read and highly inspiring to those who read or post to blogs.

From her post:
To those of you blogging (or commenting on other blogs) who may be thinking of giving it up... don't. You never know how the "butterfly effect" of that one sentence on your blog or a comment you leave--that someone found serendipitously (or even randomly)--can change a life. As a result of blogs, I've both changed--and been changed by--the lives of those I'd never have met in the pre-blogging world.

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Rusty said...

Yes, hang in there both with the blog and with dealing with the epilepsy. I have found it a very useful way to keep up with how you are doing and where you are at emotionally...MOM