Friday, January 20, 2006


A few months ago I found another blog where a lady had written about her daughter, Sara, that had epilepsy & VNS surgery. During lunch today I tried to find it, but it was gone. I was able to find another website by the same lady. I emailed her about her blog site. She said it had been deleted by Google because she had too many blogs. From her email:

"I wish you the best with your VNS. Beyond sad-- Sara died suddenly of heart attacks. She was 25 and I miss her too much."

She did not mention if her daughter died from VNS complications but did mention that there were problems using AED (Those heart-shocking devices) on people with the VNS implants.


Rusty said...

From the pics it looks like Sara had multiple problems - heart weakness may have been part of that - it often is with birth defects.

Glad you are doing better.

BTW will you set off alarms when you go through the airline devices? Martha got a metal hip a few years back - she carries a paper that says she has metal in her so she doesn't get searched for setting off metal detecting devices. MOM

Emeriol said...

The doctors said that the VNS Pulse Generator model 102 does not have enough metal (Titanium case & Lithium Ion battery) to set of metal detectors.

Good thing, cause getting searched is no fun. Evidently I look pretty suspicious, cause I always seem to get pulled aside for a search.