Saturday, January 07, 2006

Late night with Monk and Wolf Blitzer

It is about 1 A.M. EST. I am in bed watching some late night cable shows and am having some simple partial seizures. ZAP... ZAP... they sort of interrupt your thoughts for just a second and make it hard to concentrate. ZAP... not sure why I am having so many right now. I suspect that it is a combination Zap... Zap... Zap... of being sleepy, taking medicine kind of late and Wolf Blitzer. Zap... His inane reporting and stupid questions are only rivaled by those of that lady reporter on MSNBC... ZAP... what is her name? Zap... She is on too. Still cant think of it. I'll try to fill in later (Rita Cosby). Zap... Zap... Zap... Turning to watch some Monk... does not seem to Zap... be helping. Although his character and dialog are much better scripted than the two talking heads mentioned Zap... before. These seizures are really bothering me. Only a few more days till Zap... Zap.. that VNS is installled. Zap... Zap... I have really high hopes for it. It is time for sleep. I will clean this mess of a post up in the morning. Maybe try to fix some of the grammer... add a link or something of interest. Not many people even read this anyway, I know, I put a little tracker on it. The seizures seem to be subsiding a bit... Good Night.


Rusty said...

Yuk, I am sorry its so bad right now. I too have high hopes for the VNS- heading to Atlanta today to see your grandpa and will report back on his condition when I get home (Late Mon). Hang in there. MOM

Emeriol said...

Thanks mom! I appreciate your sympathy. Somtimes I tend to "over-rate" my epilepsy, when I should just be grateful that I can function at all. The fact that I can work a job, maintain a website, and have more than a few moments of quality life a day puts me at the top of the heap for epileptics. I am very fortunate that I have a family that looks after me so well. Love you!