Sunday, January 29, 2006

Side Effects?

As for me... Last two days I have experienced some interesting feelings in my throat and chest area that seem to fit some of the side effects listed for VNS Implants. The "parched" feeling I noted on Friday is still there, but I notice it less. In addition to that, I have now begun to feel a small amount of pain at the area of the Vagus nerve, along the area of the wire, and at the pulse generator itself. The pain is intermittent, and seems to occur for about 5 - 20 minutes at a time. It does not always occur in each of the three areas at the same time. Very infrequently do I cough. For now, these feelings are meerly distracting.

As for seizures, since the device was turned on, I had two simple partial seizures on Friday. One in the afternoon and one in the evening, both while working on the computer. I don't expect the device to provide any seizure reduction for some time, but am trying to document seizure activity to provide quatitative data to measure.

My energy level is still a bit low, but I hope to be able to work a whole week straight. We shall see...

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Rusty said...

One sympton waning, another appearing. Well looks like it will take a while to 1-get accustomed to this new part in your body and 2-get some relief from seizures. Ah well, time to watch the Star Trek where Capt Piccard gets made into a borg - now you can empathize!!!! MOM