Friday, September 19, 2008

And Another Gran Mal Seizure Just Before Lunch

Scott had a gran mal seizure at 11:55 am this morning. He had been trying to rest ever since breakfast this morning. But it was obvious from watching him that he was not resting well. His eyes, while closed, continuously roamed as though he were watching someone walk back and forth across the room - even though the only person in the room (besides Scott of course!) was me and I was sitting right beside of his bed. Right before the seizure Scott looked at me and told me that he was having very strange dreams about the end of the world. I teasingly asked if he was dreaming about Stars Wars again... at first he said no but then he stated that there was a bit of Star Wars in his dreams.

After the seizure, Hope, Scott's nurse today, gave him a shot of Ativan. Scott is resting at the moment and his eyes are no longer roaming. While Scott did not injure himself during the seizure, I sincerely hope that he did not injure his remaining IV site. After his first seizure yesterday, one of his IVs had to be removed because his arm had begun to swell and was very red. I know hoe much Scott hates being stuck with a needle and sincerely pray that this remianing IV will not need to be replaced.

I'm anxiously awaiting Dr. Dean's visit today. I want to speak to her about Scott's meds and get her thoughts on this recent flurry of seizure activity. Perhaps we made a mistake taking him off the Depakote. Or perhaps it's the Lyrica causing the seizures. I'm not sure how to tell but know that we must do something to help Scott. I'll continue to keep you updated. As always, thank you for your continue support and prayers.


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Anonymous said...

May God's grace and peace surround you both as you endure this trial...

Likely you don't remember that we met several years back at Dr.Dean's office. My daughter has epilepsy and had recently had the VNS surgery. Scott and you were gathering supplies for a weekend Epilepsy awareness thing....

I've followed Scott's blog on and off since then...I am very grateful at the willingness you both have to share your lives with virtual strangers so that we can find encouragement and strength -- to know that we are not alone in all of this uncertainty is a real gift.

Please know we are holding you in our prayers until we hear the good word that Scott is home again and living life once again in a very normal fashion. Maura Swarm