Thursday, September 11, 2008


Still here in the hospital. Dr. Dean is going to start me on a new drug, Lyrica, tonight. Hopefully that works and they will let me out tommorow. :)

As for the PET scan, Dr. Dean reveiewed it and believes that the seizure activitiy is still eminating from the scar tissue left over from my brain surgery 15 years ago. She is going to review these results with the neurosurgeon that implanted my VNS to see what, if anything, can be done.

Dr. Dean is also performing a sleep study on me tonight to see how well I am sleeping. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow.


Kathy said...

Know you are ready to get home. Hospitals are such a bummer, but sounds like some progress is being made to figuring out what is going on. Hope the sleep study provides more useful info and you can get home soon. Mom

Kenya said...

We love you Scott and miss you...we're praying that you get well soon...