Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to the Hospital...

Scott and I have just returned from Dr. Dean's office. He was unable to meet with Dr. Robeson for the "mapping" session because he was so tired from the three seizures. However, Dr. Dean decided to have another EEG performed. The procedure ran for a little over two hours and Dr. Dean stated that it looked better than the one taken last week.

While at Dr. Dean's office this afternoon, Scott had several simple partial seizures. Based on the fact that Scott has had 7 seizures since being released from the hospital last Friday, Dr. Dean has decided to re-admit Scott into the hospital. She has also decided to take Scott off of Depakote ER.

So, we'll be heading back to hospital shortly. Please say a prayer that the removal of the Depakote ER will halt his seizures and that Scott can return home, seizure-free, soon.

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