Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Eventful but Seizure-Free Night

Scott had an eventful but seizure-free night at the hospital last night. The poor thing has been poked and prodded today. He is on oxygen, has two IVs - one for fluids and one for meds, is hooked up to a heart monitor, and was just hooked up for a sleep EEG. Dr. Dean is continuing to reduce his Depakote ER intake. (While here in the hospital, Dr. Dean is giving Scott Depacon instead of Depakote ER.) Hopefully he can get some much needed rest this evening. I'll continue to post updates on his progress.

Thanks again for all of the phone calls, emails, visits and meals. It is wonderful to have such loving and supportive friends and family. We love and thank you all!


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Amy B. said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am praying for you and thinking of you!!