Friday, September 19, 2008


I just spoke with Dr. Dean. In light of Scott's recent seizure activity, she is going to start him back on a low dose of Depacon (125 mg) via IV. I explained Scott's lack of rest this morning and told Dr. Dean about how his eyes continued to move - even though his eyelids were closed. She explained that this was due to seizure activity. Hopefully this low dose of Depacon will be the answer... only time will tell. Needless to say, Scott will not be returning home this evening. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks everyone!


Kathy said...

Christa I know that all the feed back you give the Dr on what is happening is helpful. We know so much more about epilepsy and how to treat it than in the past but obviously not enough. Hope the right combination of meds is found soon.

Matt Geyer said...

Thanks for posting so much info, I check it regularly (plus i get emails for new posts). I don't leave comments as much as i should, but it really helps! I'll give you guys a call tonight.