Saturday, September 20, 2008

Going Home and the Removal of Lyrica

I spoke with Dr. Dean a little while ago. I explained that the nurses here are terrified when Scott has a seizure and that they really aren't helpful to me or Scott. I told Dr. Dean that I thought it would be best to let Scott go home. I even explained that we would bring Scott in each day for blood work if she wanted.

I also told Dr. Dean that as soon as Scott received his Keppra and Lyrica this morning he again got very tired and started having some small seizures right after he laid down to rest. I told Dr. Dean that based on my observations I believe that Scott should be removed from Lyrica.

Dr. Dean agreed on both counts. So we're waiting on her to come up here so Scott can go home. Before releasing him, she wants to work with us to develop a plan. We are both of the opinion that the Depacon is working. At least he seems to be calm and able to rest once he's had it. Of course, it's through an IV so we need to figure out the correct equivalent of Depakote - the oral version.

Hopefully if we remove the Lyrica and get the correct amount of Depakote Scott won't suffer any more seizures.

We are going to re-schedule the brain mapping session for Scott. He's reacted oddly to some situations and we need to figure out if it's due to the frontal area of his brain where he had the growth removed. That will better help us develop a plan for dealing with Scott's epilepsy and the treatment of it. We also want to discuss our options with the nerosurgeon after the mapping session. He previously stated that scar tissue is "very tricky". Maybe we'll have some options once we better understand how it's affecting Scott. I'll continue to post here as I learn more.

Thanks again for your love, encouragement and support!

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